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What our customers say

It was a miracle

"It was a miracle, as soon as I loaded the ad I had a phone call the next day to say someone was coming to look at it and take it back with them if it was what we said it was. That's exactly what happened! Thank you."

Miriam, QLD

We've had the best experience

"This is the best way to get anything that you are wanting to sell out there for all to see. We've had the best experience and we feel the best exposure. THANK YOU!"

Pam, QLD

3 days and I had a serious buyer

"Extremely pleased with how fast this sale was, 3 days and I had a serious buyer. You can't beat the net to spread the word...... thank you."

Brad, NSW
  • 15 photos + slide show

    Showcase the best photos of your construction equipment to buyers

  • Unlimited changes

    Update the ad as many times as you like

  • Advertised until sold

    Your ad stays live until you sell your construction equipment

  • Ad performance report

    Receive weekly reports along with handy seller tips

Privacy Protect

Keep your personal phone number private

Our Privacy Protect service provides you with a Virtual Number so you can continue to receive important buyer calls with the added confidence that your phone number is kept private.